Athanor: A month on the books

What a first month of business for Athanor Public Affairs.

I made mistakes, I adopted a scary mascot, I identified hopeful clients by the wrong names, I didn’t quite nail my elevator pitch, and oh the bookkeeping and web site management.

But I’ve had successes too. I have some great clients doing exciting work. I’ve gotten incredible support from so many people, and Athanor is making enough money to keep the dream alive. I also have had some incredible people help me do the work.

This is not a relaunch. Though I announced Athanor while a lot of people were taking vacation, I got a lot of love and even some coverage. But I do want to articulate exactly what it is that Athanor does in hopes that I can help you manage your communications challenges.

So here is what we do. If you hire us, we can help you:

  • Create a strategic plan for your organization, and then execute on it;
  • Build your communications team, so that you are maximizing the impact of your messages on targeted audiences;
  • Run first-class strategic and crisis communications operations;
  • Review your communications capabilities, including media relations, social media, branding and marketing plans;
  • Build alliances and coalitions on a local and national level;
  • Write everything:
  • Conduct media, hearing and presentation training;
  • Set up, or enhance your social media presence;
  • Run successful public affairs campaigns that align communications efforts with business and policy objectives; and
  • Use public affairs tools to help you get federal, state and local advocacy wins including on project siting.

Over the course of my career, I’ve done all of the above successfully. I have a powerful network of professionals to help tackle your challenges. And we are committed to doing the work, showing the metrics to prove our effectiveness and delivering first-class communications at lower costs than most firms.

With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, the opportunity and the obligation to tell your story has never been more important. Let Athanor help you maximize the impact of your communications efforts and achieve your desired advocacy and business outcomes.

Please reach out to me at [email protected] to schedule a call.


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