It’s not surprising to see a lot of breathless posts on social media from industry groups putting on trade shows.

But if you are in the solar industry and you are in Vegas right now at #REPlus, I’m pretty sure you are literally trying to catch your breath. I’ve walked close to a marathon in the last two days. A conference that hit a record 27,000 people last year is at 41,000 last I heard.

The impact of the IRA, which is at least a trillion-dollar private investment vehicle is real. So here are five things I have taken away from this conference.

  1. Storage is the infant King –  –  Based on attendance at the educational sessions, people really care about batteries and long duration energy storage. I stopped in at a session run by Julia Souder, CEO of the Long Duration Energy Storage Association. Standing room only. Great conversation about the regulatory hurdles, the technological advancement, the need for a diversity of sources, and the need to scale. It took the Solar industry 50 years to gradually get itself organized, and solar is still an immature industry in my view. Storage is in its infancy, and it somehow now needs to be an adult in the marketplace. From a technology and logistical standpoint, can storage meet the vast demand that it is facing, starting now!