Energy Communicator Dan Whitten Launches Athanor Public Affairs

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Veteran energy communicator and public affairs executive Dan Whitten announced today that he is launching Athanor Public Affairs, a consultancy aimed at creating campaigns for companies and organizations focused on the nation’s clean energy transition.

Harnessing Whitten’s deep communications background in climate change and energy policy, Athanor Public Affairs will work with trade associations, energy companies, state and local advocates, and industry stakeholders to help them plan and execute high-profile advocacy campaigns to help achieve their policy or business goals.

Whitten spent 17 years as a climate and energy reporter at Bloomberg News in Washington and at Platts Inside Energy, among other outlets. He subsequently ran communications and public affairs campaigns for the Solar Energy Industries Association and America’s Natural Gas Alliance. 

“In the wake of the Inflation Reduction Act, there are huge growth opportunities across the clean energy sector, including manufacturing, electrification, renewables, battery technology and grid expansion, to name just a few,” Whitten said. “At a moment when the clean energy transition is moving at lightning speed, I established Athanor Public Affairs to help people run campaigns and tell stories that can lead to advocacy and business wins.”  

The name Athanor is an homage to a book called The Alchemist, by Whitten’s late father, Les Whitten. An athanor is a furnace used by alchemists to turn lead into gold.

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