Last week, I had the privilege of doing two things I love: working in solar and communing with nature in a place that is dear to me.

Chaberton Energy’s commercial team held a retreat outside Phoenix, to talk about the company’s impressive growth plans and specifically what it’s going to take to reach their goals. I learned so much about the business of solar and it was rewarding to bring my expertise as a communicator to a group of people who are at the top of the solar game and who are on a mission to bring clean energy to diverse communities..

While there, several Chabertonians set out before dawn to climb Piestewa Peak and catch the sunrise. Musician Ken Koshio, who hikes the steep pitch many early mornings with his drum and flute, provided the mystic soundtrack. And if this scene doesn’t give you the inspiration to reflect and think freely about a better future, nothing will.  The symbolism of the rising sun and the great possibilities of getting our energy from that sun were not lost on me. 

During the trip, the Chaberton team visited OMCO Solar, where we got to see an American manufacturing facility firsthand. Eric Goodwin and his team did an amazing job of showing how an innovative American company is thriving in a rapidly growing and intensely competitive solar industry.

I also had the unexpected benefit of learning about how to run and grow a business from the Chaberton team. And Athanor will be the better for it, especially as we “fail fast” when we have to fail, and move on to the best prospects for new business.

I was reminded that no matter what, the sun will come out tomorrow, and that future generations, including my Zoni great niece Monroe, will be relying on the sun to power their world. Based on my time last week, I have a lot of confidence that the people who are working on this challenge today can make it happen.